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Chapter III – Requirements applicable to data intermediation services (Art. 10-15)

Art. 10 DGA - Data intermediation services arrow_right_alt

Art. 11 DGA - Notification by data intermediation services providers arrow_right_alt

Art. 12 DGA - Conditions for providing data intermediation services arrow_right_alt

Art. 13 DGA - Competent authorities for data intermediation services arrow_right_alt

Art. 14 DGA - Monitoring of compliance arrow_right_alt

Art. 15 DGA - Exceptions arrow_right_alt

This Chapter shall not apply to recognised data altruism organisations or other not-for-profit entities insofar as their activities consist of seeking to collect data for objectives of general interest, made available by natural or legal persons on the basis of data altruism, unless those organisations and entities aim to establish commercial relationships between an undetermined number of data subjects and data holders on the one hand and data users on the other.

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Recital 48

This Regulation should be without prejudice to the establishment, organisation and functioning of entities that seek to engage in data altruism pursuant to national law and build on national law requirements to operate lawfully in a Member State as a not-for-profit organisation.