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Chapter VI – Final provisions (Art. 15-21)

Art. 15 Open Data Directive - Exercise of the delegation arrow_right_alt

Art. 16 Open Data Directive - Committee procedure arrow_right_alt

Art. 17 Open Data Directive - Transposition arrow_right_alt

Art. 18 Open Data Directive - Commission evaluation arrow_right_alt

  1. No sooner than 17 July 2025, the Commission shall carry out an evaluation of this Directive, and submit a report on the main findings of that evaluation to the European Parliament and to the Council as well as to the European Economic and Social Committee.

Member States shall provide the Commission with the information necessary for the preparation of that report.

  1. The evaluation shall, in particular, address the scope and social and economic impact of this Directive, including:
    1. the extent of the increase in re-use of public sector documents to which this Directive applies, especially by SMEs;
    2. the impact of the high-value datasets;
    3. the effects of the principles applied to charging and the re-use of official texts of a legislative and administrative nature;
    4. the re-use of documents held by other entities than public sector bodies,
    5. the availability and the use of APIs;
    6. the interaction between data protection rules and re-use possibilities;
    7. further possibilities of improving the proper functioning of the internal market and supporting economic and labour market development.
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  • 73

Recital 73

The Commission should carry out an evaluation of this Directive. Pursuant to the Interinstitutional Agreement of 13 April 2016 on Better Law-Making, that evaluation should be based on the five criteria of efficiency, effectiveness, relevance, coherence and value added and should provide the basis for impact assessments of options for further action.

Art. 19 Open Data Directive - Repeal arrow_right_alt

Art. 20 Open Data Directive - Entry into Force arrow_right_alt

Art. 21 Open Data Directive - Addressees arrow_right_alt