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Chapter IV – Establishment and structure of ENISA’s budget (Art. 29-33)

Art. 29 CSA - Establishment of ENISA’s budget arrow_right_alt

Art. 30 CSA - Structure of ENISA’s budget arrow_right_alt

Art. 31 CSA - Implementation of ENISA’s budget arrow_right_alt

Art. 32 CSA - Financial rules arrow_right_alt

The financial rules applicable to ENISA shall be adopted by the Management Board after consulting the Commission. They shall not depart from Delegated Regulation (EU) No 1271/2013 unless such a departure is specifically required for the operation of ENISA and the Commission has given its prior consent.

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Recital 57

The Management Board, composed of the representatives of the Member States and of the Commission, should establish the general direction of ENISA’s operations and ensure that it carries out its tasks in accordance with this Regulation. The Management Board should be entrusted with the powers necessary to establish the budget, verify the execution of the budget, adopt appropriate financial rules, establish transparent working procedures for decision making by ENISA, adopt ENISA’s single programming document, adopt its own rules of procedure, appoint the Executive Director and decide on the extension and termination of the Executive Director’s term of office.

Art. 33 CSA - Combating fraud arrow_right_alt