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Chapter V – High-value datasets (Art. 13-14)

Art. 13 Open Data Directive - Thematic categories of high-value datasets arrow_right_alt

  1. In order to provide for conditions to support the re-use of high-value datasets, a list of thematic categories of such datasets is set out in Annex I.
  2. The Commission is empowered to adopt delegated acts in accordance with Article 15 in order to amend Annex I by adding new thematic categories of high-value datasets in order to reflect technological and market developments.
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Recital 66

To strengthen the right to be forgotten in the online environment, the right to erasure should also be extended in such a way that a controller who has made the personal data public should be obliged to inform the controllers which are processing such personal data to erase any links to, or copies or replications of those personal data. In doing so, that controller should take reasonable steps, taking into account available technology and the means available to the controller, including technical measures, to inform the controllers which are processing the personal data of the data subject’s request.

Recital 67

Methods by which to restrict the processing of personal data could include, inter alia, temporarily moving the selected data to another processing system, making the selected personal data unavailable to users, or temporarily removing published data from a website. In automated filing systems, the restriction of processing should in principle be ensured by technical means in such a manner that the personal data are not subject to further processing operations and cannot be changed. The fact that the processing of personal data is restricted should be clearly indicated in the system.

Art. 14 Open Data Directive - Specific high-value datasets and arrangements for publication and re-use arrow_right_alt