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Chapter V – Transfers of personal data to third countries or international organisations (Art. 44-50)

Art. 44 GDPR - General principle for transfers arrow_right_alt

Art. 45 GDPR - Transfers on the basis of an adequacy decision arrow_right_alt

Art. 46 GDPR - Transfers subject to appropriate safeguards arrow_right_alt

Art. 47 GDPR - Binding corporate rules arrow_right_alt

Art. 48 GDPR - Transfers or disclosures not authorized by Union law arrow_right_alt

Any judgment of a court or tribunal and any decision of an administrative authority of a third country requiring a controller or processor to transfer or disclose personal data may only be recognised or enforceable in any manner if based on an international agreement, such as a mutual legal assistance treaty, in force between the requesting third country and the Union or a Member State, without prejudice to other grounds for transfer pursuant to this Chapter.

Art. 49 GDPR - Derogations for specific situations arrow_right_alt

Art. 50 GDPR - International cooperation for the protection of personal data arrow_right_alt