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Chapter V – Final provisions (Art. 89-93)

Art. 89 DSA - Amendments to Directive 2000/31/EC arrow_right_alt

Art. 90 DSA - Amendment to Directive (EU) 2020/1828 arrow_right_alt

Art. 91 DSA - Review arrow_right_alt

Art. 92 DSA - Anticipated application to providers of very large online platforms and of very large online search engines arrow_right_alt

Art. 93 DSA - Entry into force and application arrow_right_alt

  1. This Regulation shall enter into force on the twentieth day following that of its publication in the Official Journal of the European Union.
  2. This Regulation shall apply from 17 February 2024.

However, Article 24(2), (3) and (6), Article 33(3) to (6), Article 37(7), Article 40(13), Article 43 and Sections 4, 5 and 6 of Chapter IV shall apply from 16 November 2022.

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Recital 154

Given the scope and impact of societal risks that may be caused by very large online platforms and very large online search engines, the need to address those risks as a matter of priority and the capacity to take the necessary measures, it is justified to limit the period after which this Regulation starts to apply to the providers of those services.