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Chapter VII – Cooperation and consistency (Art. 60-76)

Art. 60 GDPR - Cooperation between the lead supervisory authority and the other supervisory authorities concerned arrow_right_alt

Art. 61 GDPR - Mutual assistance arrow_right_alt

Art. 62 GDPR - Joint operations of supervisory authorities arrow_right_alt

Art. 63 GDPR - Consistency mechanism arrow_right_alt

Art. 64 GDPR - Opinion of the Board arrow_right_alt

Art. 65 GDPR - Dispute resolution by the Board arrow_right_alt

Art. 66 GDPR - Urgency procedure arrow_right_alt

Art. 67 GDPR - Exchange of information arrow_right_alt

Art. 68 GDPR - European Data Protection Board arrow_right_alt

  1. The European Data Protection Board (the ‘Board’) is hereby established as a body of the Union and shall have legal personality.
  2. The Board shall be represented by its Chair.
  3. The Board shall be composed of the head of one supervisory authority of each Member State and of the European Data Protection Supervisor, or their respective representatives.
  4. Where in a Member State more than one supervisory authority is responsible for monitoring the application of the provisions pursuant to this Regulation, a joint representative shall be appointed in accordance with that Member State’s law.
  5. The Commission shall have the right to participate in the activities and meetings of the Board without voting right. The Commission shall designate a representative. The Chair of the Board shall communicate to the Commission the activities of the Board.
  6. In the cases referred to in Article 65, the European Data Protection Supervisor shall have voting rights only on decisions which concern principles and rules applicable to the Union institutions, bodies, offices and agencies which correspond in substance to those of this Regulation.
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Recital 139

In order to promote the consistent application of this Regulation, the Board should be set up as an independent body of the Union. To fulfil its objectives, the Board should have legal personality. The Board should be represented by its Chair. It should replace the Working Party on the Protection of Individuals with Regard to the Processing of Personal Data established by Directive 95/46/EC. It should consist of the head of a supervisory authority of each Member State and the European Data Protection Supervisor or their respective representatives. The Commission should participate in the Board’s activities without voting rights and the European Data Protection Supervisor should have specific voting rights. The Board should contribute to the consistent application of this Regulation throughout the Union, including by advising the Commission, in particular on the level of protection in third countries or international organisations, and promoting cooperation of the supervisory authorities throughout the Union. The Board should act independently when performing its tasks.

Art. 69 GDPR - Independence arrow_right_alt

Art. 70 GDPR - Tasks of the Board arrow_right_alt

Art. 71 GDPR - Reports arrow_right_alt

Art. 72 GDPR - Procedure arrow_right_alt

Art. 73 GDPR - Chair arrow_right_alt

Art. 74 GDPR - Tasks of the Chair arrow_right_alt

Art. 75 GDPR - Secretariat arrow_right_alt

Art. 76 GDPR - Confidentiality arrow_right_alt