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Chapter II – Tasks (Art. 5-12)

Art. 5 CSA - Development and implementation of Union policy and law arrow_right_alt

Art. 6 CSA - Capacity-building arrow_right_alt

Art. 7 CSA - Operational cooperation at Union level arrow_right_alt

Art. 8 CSA - Market, cybersecurity certification, and standardisation arrow_right_alt

Art. 9 CSA - Knowledge and information arrow_right_alt

Art. 10 CSA - Awareness-raising and education arrow_right_alt

Art. 11 CSA - Research and innovation arrow_right_alt

In relation to research and innovation, ENISA shall:

  1. advise the Union institutions, bodies, offices and agencies and the Member States on research needs and priorities in the field of cybersecurity, with a view to enabling effective responses to current and emerging risks and cyber threats, including with respect to new and emerging information and communications technologies, and with a view to using risk-prevention technologies effectively;
  2. where the Commission has conferred the relevant powers on it, participate in the implementation phase of research and innovation funding programmes or as a beneficiary;
  3. contribute to the strategic research and innovation agenda at Union level in the field of cybersecurity.
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Recital 45

Partnerships could be established with academic institutions that have research initiatives in relevant fields, and there should be appropriate channels for input from consumer organisations and other organisations, which should be taken into consideration.

Recital 52

ENISA should take full account of the ongoing research, development and technological assessment activities, in particular those activities carried out by the various Union research initiatives to advise Union institutions, bodies, offices and agencies and where relevant, the Member States at their request, on research needs and priorities in the field of cybersecurity. In order to identify the research needs and priorities, ENISA should also consult the relevant user groups. More specifically, cooperation with the European Research Council, the European Institute for Innovation and Technology and the European Union Institute for Security Studies could be established.

Recital 55

ENISA should be able to respond to ad hoc requests for advice and assistance by Member States and Union institutions, bodies, offices and agencies on matters falling within ENISA’s mandate.

Art. 12 CSA - International cooperation arrow_right_alt