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Chapter III – Organisation of ENISA (Art. 13-28)

Art. 13 CSA - Structure of ENISA arrow_right_alt

Art. 14 CSA - Composition of the Management Board arrow_right_alt

Art. 15 CSA - Functions of the Management Board arrow_right_alt

Art. 16 CSA - Chairperson of the Management Board arrow_right_alt

Art. 17 CSA - Meetings of the Management Board arrow_right_alt

Art. 18 CSA - Voting rules of the Management Board arrow_right_alt

Art. 19 CSA - Executive Board arrow_right_alt

Art. 20 CSA - Duties of the Executive Director arrow_right_alt

Art. 21 CSA - ENISA Advisory Group arrow_right_alt

Art. 22 CSA - Stakeholder Cybersecurity Certification Group arrow_right_alt

Art. 23 CSA - National Liaison Officers Network arrow_right_alt

Art. 24 CSA - Single programming document arrow_right_alt

Art. 25 CSA - Declaration of interests arrow_right_alt

Art. 26 CSA - Transparency arrow_right_alt

  1. ENISA shall carry out its activities with a high level of transparency and in accordance with Article 28.
  2. ENISA shall ensure that the public and any interested parties are provided with appropriate, objective, reliable and easily accessible information, in particular with regard to the results of its work. It shall also make public the declarations of interest made in accordance with Article 25.
  3. The Management Board, acting on a proposal from the Executive Director, may authorise interested parties to observe the proceedings of some of ENISA’s activities.
  4. ENISA shall lay down, in its internal rules of operation, the practical arrangements for implementing the transparency rules referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2.
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Recital 20

ENISA should develop and maintain a high level of expertise and operate as a reference point, establishing trust and confidence in the single market by virtue of its independence, the quality of the advice it delivers, the quality of information it disseminates, the transparency of its procedures, the transparency of its methods of operation, and its diligence in carrying out its tasks. ENISA should actively support national efforts and should proactively contribute to Union efforts while carrying out its tasks in full cooperation with the Union institutions, bodies, offices and agencies and with the Member States, avoiding any duplication of work and promoting synergy. In addition, ENISA should build on input from and cooperation with the private sector as well as other relevant stakeholders. A set of tasks should establish how ENISA is to accomplish its objectives while allowing flexibility in its operations.

Art. 27 CSA - Confidentiality arrow_right_alt

Art. 28 CSA - Access to documents arrow_right_alt