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About this website and EU Digital Decade policy programme

This website is created and managed by Hannes Snellman Attorneys Ltd (”Hannes Snellman”).

As EU laws and regulation related to tech, data, and all things digital are rapidly evolving, we have, as part our digital offering, created this website to provide our clients and partners direct and easy access to relevant legislation.

The EU’s Digital Decade policy programme includes several targets and objectives for Europe’s digital transformation by 2030. In short, the programme has resulted in a massive wave of new and updated legislation and proposals from the EU. More information about the programme can be found here.

On this website, we collect, present, and summarise new legislation and proposals we consider most important to keep track of during the legislative development. You may, for example, add a bookmark on your mobile device in order to have easy access to this site in your daily work.

Please note that to completely cover and assess the legislation applicable to a certain business or organisation, a case-by-case review of the operations of the business is required. Even though we try our best to include the legislation we assess will be of greatest importance, we cannot be sure that additional legislation, guidelines, etc. will not need to be considered by a particular business in this area. Please contact us if you wish to discuss further how Hannes Snellman may assist your organisation on legal compliance in your path forward in the Digital Decade.

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