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Chapter XI – Final provisions (Art. 94-99)

Art. 94 GDPR - Repeal of Directive 95/46/EC arrow_right_alt

Art. 95 GDPR - Relationship with Directive 2002/58/EC arrow_right_alt

Art. 96 GDPR - Relationship with previously concluded Agreements arrow_right_alt

Art. 97 GDPR - Commission reports arrow_right_alt

Art. 98 GDPR - Review of other Union legal acts on data protection arrow_right_alt

The Commission shall, if appropriate, submit legislative proposals with a view to amending other Union legal acts on the protection of personal data, in order to ensure uniform and consistent protection of natural persons with regard to processing. This shall in particular concern the rules relating to the protection of natural persons with regard to processing by Union institutions, bodies, offices and agencies and on the free movement of such data.

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Recital 170

Since the objective of this Regulation, namely to ensure an equivalent level of protection of natural persons and the free flow of personal data throughout the Union, cannot be sufficiently achieved by the Member States and can rather, by reason of the scale or effects of the action, be better achieved at Union level, the Union may adopt measures, in accordance with the principle of subsidiarity as set out in Article 5 of the Treaty on European Union (TEU). In accordance with the principle of proportionality as set out in that Article, this Regulation does not go beyond what is necessary in order to achieve that objective.

Art. 99 GDPR - Entry into force and application arrow_right_alt