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Chapter IX – Provisions relating to specific processing situations (Art. 85-91)

Art. 85 GDPR - Processing and freedom of expression and information arrow_right_alt

Art. 86 GDPR - Processing and public access to official documents arrow_right_alt

Personal data in official documents held by a public authority or a public body or a private body for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest may be disclosed by the authority or body in accordance with Union or Member State law to which the public authority or body is subject in order to reconcile public access to official documents with the right to the protection of personal data pursuant to this Regulation.

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Recital 155

Member State law or collective agreements, including ‘works agreements’, may provide for specific rules on the processing of employees’ personal data in the employment context, in particular for the conditions under which personal data in the employment context may be processed on the basis of the consent of the employee, the purposes of the recruitment, the performance of the contract of employment, including discharge of obligations laid down by law or by collective agreements, management, planning and organisation of work, equality and diversity in the workplace, health and safety at work, and for the purposes of the exercise and enjoyment, on an individual or collective basis, of rights and benefits related to employment, and for the purpose of the termination of the employment relationship.

Art. 87 GDPR - Processing of the national identification number arrow_right_alt

Art. 88 GDPR - Processing in the context of employment arrow_right_alt

Art. 89 GDPR - Safeguards and derogations relating to processing for archiving purposes in the public interest, scientific or historical research purposes or statistical purposes arrow_right_alt

Art. 90 GDPR - Obligations of secrecy arrow_right_alt

Art. 91 GDPR - Existing data protection rules of churches and religious associations arrow_right_alt