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Chapter VI – General provisions concerning ENISA (Art. 38-45)

Art. 38 CSA - Legal status of ENISA arrow_right_alt

Art. 39 CSA - Liability of ENISA arrow_right_alt

Art. 40 CSA - Language arrangements arrow_right_alt

  1. Council Regulation No 1 (1) shall apply to ENISA. The Member States and the other bodies appointed by the Member States may address ENISA and receive a reply in the official language of the institutions of the Union that they choose.
  2. The translation services required for the functioning of ENISA shall be provided by the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union.

(1) Council Regulation No 1 determining the languages to be used by the European Economic Community (OJ 17, 6.10.1958, p. 385/58).

Art. 41 CSA - Protection of personal data arrow_right_alt

Art. 42 CSA - Cooperation with third countries and international organisations arrow_right_alt

Art. 43 CSA - Security rules on the protection of sensitive non-classified information and classified information arrow_right_alt

Art. 44 CSA - Headquarters Agreement and operating conditions arrow_right_alt

Art. 45 CSA - Administrative control arrow_right_alt