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Chapter III – Practices of Gatekeepers that limit contestability or are unfair (Art. 5-15)

Art. 5 DMA - Obligations for gatekeepers arrow_right_alt

Art. 6 DMA - Obligations for gatekeepers susceptible of being further specified under Article 8 arrow_right_alt

Art. 7 DMA - Obligation for gatekeepers on interoperability of number-independent interpersonal communications services arrow_right_alt

Art. 8 DMA - Compliance with obligations for gatekeepers arrow_right_alt

Art. 9 DMA - Suspension arrow_right_alt

Art. 10 DMA - Exemption for grounds of public health and public security arrow_right_alt

Art. 11 DMA - Reporting arrow_right_alt

  1. Within 6 months after its designation pursuant to Article 3, and in accordance with Article 3(10), the gatekeeper shall provide the Commission with a report describing in a detailed and transparent manner the measures it has implemented to ensure compliance with the obligations laid down in Articles 5, 6 and 7.
  2. Within the deadline referred to in paragraph 1, the gatekeeper shall publish and provide the Commission with a non-confidential summary of that report.

The gatekeeper shall update that report and that non-confidential summary at least annually.

The Commission shall make a link to that non-confidential summary available on its website.

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Recital 68

Within the timeframe for complying with their obligations under this Regulation, gatekeepers should inform the Commission, through mandatory reporting, about the measures they intend to implement or have implemented in order to ensure effective compliance with those obligations, including those measures concerning compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679, to the extent they are relevant for compliance with the obligations provided under this Regulation, which should allow the Commission to fulfil its duties under this Regulation. In addition, a clear and comprehensible non-confidential summary of such information should be made publicly available while taking into account the legitimate interest of gatekeepers in the protection of their business secrets and other confidential information. This non-confidential publication should enable third parties to assess whether the gatekeepers comply with the obligations laid down in this Regulation. Such reporting should be without prejudice to any enforcement action by the Commission at any time following the reporting. The Commission should publish online a link to the non-confidential summary of the report, as well as all other public information based on information obligations under this Regulation, in order to ensure accessibility of such information in a usable and comprehensive manner, in particular for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Recital 89

When preparing non-confidential summaries for publication in order to effectively enable interested third parties to provide comments, the Commission should give due regard to the legitimate interest of undertakings in the protection of their business secrets and other confidential information.

Art. 12 DMA - Updating obligations for gatekeepers arrow_right_alt

Art. 13 DMA - Anti-circumvention arrow_right_alt

Art. 14 DMA - Obligation to inform about concentrations arrow_right_alt

Art. 15 DMA - Obligation of an audit arrow_right_alt