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Chapter II – Tasks (Art. 5-12)

Art. 5 CSA - Development and implementation of Union policy and law arrow_right_alt

Art. 6 CSA - Capacity-building arrow_right_alt

Art. 7 CSA - Operational cooperation at Union level arrow_right_alt

Art. 8 CSA - Market, cybersecurity certification, and standardisation arrow_right_alt

Art. 9 CSA - Knowledge and information arrow_right_alt

Art. 10 CSA - Awareness-raising and education arrow_right_alt

ENISA shall:

    1. raise public awareness of cybersecurity risks, and provide guidance on good practices for individual users aimed at citizens, organisations and businesses, including cyber-hygiene and cyber-literacy;
    2. in cooperation with the Member States, Union institutions, bodies, offices and agencies and industry, organise regular outreach campaigns to increase cybersecurity and its visibility in the Union and encourage a broad public debate;
    3. assist Member States in their efforts to raise cybersecurity awareness and promote cybersecurity education;
    4. support closer coordination and exchange of best practices among Member States on cybersecurity awareness and education.
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Recital 40

ENISA should contribute to raising the public’s awareness of cybersecurity risks, including through an EU-wide awareness-raising campaign by promoting education, and to providing guidance on good practices for individual users aimed at citizens, organisations and businesses. ENISA should also contribute to promoting best practices and solutions, including cyber-hygiene and cyber-literacy at the level of citizens, organisations and businesses by collecting and analysing publicly available information regarding significant incidents, and by compiling and publishing reports and guidance for citizens, organisations and businesses, to improve their overall level of preparedness and resilience. ENISA should also strive to provide consumers with relevant information on applicable certification schemes, for example by providing guidelines and recommendations. ENISA should furthermore organise, in line with the Digital Education Action Plan established in the Commission Communication of 17 January 2018 and in cooperation with the Member States and Union institutions, bodies, offices and agencies regular outreach and public education campaigns directed at end users, to promote safer online behaviour by individuals and digital literacy, to raise awareness of potential cyber threats, including online criminal activities such as phishing attacks, botnets, financial and banking fraud, data fraud incidents, and to promote basic multi-factor authentication, patching, encryption, anonymisation and data protection advice.

Recital 41

ENISA should play a central role in accelerating end-user awareness of the security of devices and the secure use of services, and should promote security-by-design and privacy-by-design at Union level. In pursuing that objective, ENISA should make use of available best practices and experience, especially the best practices and experience of academic institutions and IT security researchers.

Art. 11 CSA - Research and innovation arrow_right_alt

Art. 12 CSA - International cooperation arrow_right_alt