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Chapter VII – Cooperation and consistency (Art. 60-76)

Art. 60 GDPR - Cooperation between the lead supervisory authority and the other supervisory authorities concerned arrow_right_alt

Art. 61 GDPR - Mutual assistance arrow_right_alt

Art. 62 GDPR - Joint operations of supervisory authorities arrow_right_alt

Art. 63 GDPR - Consistency mechanism arrow_right_alt

In order to contribute to the consistent application of this Regulation throughout the Union, the supervisory authorities shall cooperate with each other and, where relevant, with the Commission, through the consistency mechanism as set out in this Section.

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Recital 135

In order to ensure the consistent application of this Regulation throughout the Union, a consistency mechanism for cooperation between the supervisory authorities should be established. That mechanism should in particular apply where a supervisory authority intends to adopt a measure intended to produce legal effects as regards processing operations which substantially affect a significant number of data subjects in several Member States. It should also apply where any supervisory authority concerned or the Commission requests that such matter should be handled in the consistency mechanism. That mechanism should be without prejudice to any measures that the Commission may take in the exercise of its powers under the Treaties.

Recital 138

The application of such mechanism should be a condition for the lawfulness of a measure intended to produce legal effects by a supervisory authority in those cases where its application is mandatory. In other cases of cross-border relevance, the cooperation mechanism between the lead supervisory authority and supervisory authorities concerned should be applied and mutual assistance and joint operations might be carried out between the supervisory authorities concerned on a bilateral or multilateral basis without triggering the consistency mechanism.

Art. 64 GDPR - Opinion of the Board arrow_right_alt

Art. 65 GDPR - Dispute resolution by the Board arrow_right_alt

Art. 66 GDPR - Urgency procedure arrow_right_alt

Art. 67 GDPR - Exchange of information arrow_right_alt

Art. 68 GDPR - European Data Protection Board arrow_right_alt

Art. 69 GDPR - Independence arrow_right_alt

Art. 70 GDPR - Tasks of the Board arrow_right_alt

Art. 71 GDPR - Reports arrow_right_alt

Art. 72 GDPR - Procedure arrow_right_alt

Art. 73 GDPR - Chair arrow_right_alt

Art. 74 GDPR - Tasks of the Chair arrow_right_alt

Art. 75 GDPR - Secretariat arrow_right_alt

Art. 76 GDPR - Confidentiality arrow_right_alt