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Chapter VI – General provisions concerning ENISA (Art. 38-45)

Art. 38 CSA - Legal status of ENISA arrow_right_alt

  1. ENISA shall be a body of the Union and shall have legal personality.
  2. In each Member State ENISA shall enjoy the most extensive legal capacity accorded to legal persons under national law. It may, in particular, acquire or dispose of movable and immovable property and be a party to legal proceedings.
  3. ENISA shall be represented by the Executive Director.

Art. 39 CSA - Liability of ENISA arrow_right_alt

Art. 40 CSA - Language arrangements arrow_right_alt

Art. 41 CSA - Protection of personal data arrow_right_alt

Art. 42 CSA - Cooperation with third countries and international organisations arrow_right_alt

Art. 43 CSA - Security rules on the protection of sensitive non-classified information and classified information arrow_right_alt

Art. 44 CSA - Headquarters Agreement and operating conditions arrow_right_alt

Art. 45 CSA - Administrative control arrow_right_alt