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Chapter VII – Competent authorities (Art. 46-56)

Art. 46 DORA - Competent authorities arrow_right_alt

Art. 47 DORA - Cooperation with structures and authorities established by Directive (EU) 2022/2555 arrow_right_alt

Art. 48 DORA - Cooperation between authorities arrow_right_alt

Art. 49 DORA - Financial cross-sector exercises, communication and cooperation arrow_right_alt

Art. 50 DORA - Administrative penalties and remedial measures arrow_right_alt

Art. 51 DORA - Exercise of the power to impose administrative penalties and remedial measures arrow_right_alt

Art. 52 DORA - Criminal penalties arrow_right_alt

Art. 53 DORA - Notification duties arrow_right_alt

Art. 54 DORA - Publication of administrative penalties arrow_right_alt

  1. Competent authorities shall publish on their official websites, without undue delay, any decision imposing an administrative penalty against which there is no appeal after the addressee of the penalty has been notified of that decision.
  2. The publication referred to in paragraph 1 shall include information on the type and nature of the breach, the identity of the persons responsible and the penalties imposed.
  3. Where the competent authority, following a case-by-case assessment, considers that the publication of the identity, in the case of legal persons, or of the identity and personal data, in the case of natural persons, would be disproportionate, including risks in relation to the protection of personal data, jeopardise the stability of financial markets or the pursuit of an ongoing criminal investigation, or cause, insofar as these can be determined, disproportionate damages to the person involved, it shall adopt one of the following solutions in respect of the decision imposing an administrative penalty:
    1. defer its publication until all reasons for non-publication cease to exist;
    2. publish it on an anonymous basis, in accordance with national law; or
    3. refrain from publishing it, where the options set out in points (a) and (b) are deemed either insufficient to guarantee a lack of any danger for the stability of financial markets, or where such a publication would not be proportionate to the leniency of the imposed penalty.
  4. In the case of a decision to publish an administrative penalty on an anonymous basis in accordance with paragraph 3, point (b), the publication of the relevant data may be postponed.
  5. Where a competent authority publishes a decision imposing an administrative penalty against which there is an appeal before the relevant judicial authorities, competent authorities shall immediately add on their official website that information and, at later stages, any subsequent related information on the outcome of such appeal. Any judicial decision annulling a decision imposing an administrative penalty shall also be published.
  6. Competent authorities shall ensure that any publication referred to in paragraphs 1 to 4 shall remain on their official website only for the period which is necessary to bring forth this Article. This period shall not exceed five years after its publication.
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Recital 97

Competent authorities should have all required supervisory, investigative and sanctioning powers to ensure the proper exercise of their duties under this Regulation. They should, in principle, publish notices of the administrative penalties they impose. Since financial entities and ICT third-party service providers can be established in different Member States and supervised by different competent authorities, the application of this Regulation should be facilitated by, on the one hand, close cooperation among relevant competent authorities, including the ECB with regard to specific tasks conferred on it by Council Regulation (EU) No 1024/2013, and, on the other hand, by consultation with the ESAs through the mutual exchange of information and the provision of assistance in the context of relevant supervisory activities.

Art. 55 DORA - Professional secrecy arrow_right_alt

Art. 56 DORA - Data Protection arrow_right_alt