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Chapter V – Investigative, enforcement and monitoring powers (Art. 20-43)

Art. 20 DMA - Opening of proceedings arrow_right_alt

Art. 21 DMA - Requests for information arrow_right_alt

Art. 22 DMA - Power to carry out interviews and take statements arrow_right_alt

Art. 23 DMA - Powers to conduct inspections arrow_right_alt

Art. 24 DMA - Interim measures arrow_right_alt

Art. 25 DMA - Commitments arrow_right_alt

Art. 26 DMA - Monitoring of obligations and measures arrow_right_alt

Art. 27 DMA - Information by third parties arrow_right_alt

Art. 28 DMA - Compliance function arrow_right_alt

Art. 29 DMA - Non-compliance arrow_right_alt

Art. 30 DMA - Fines arrow_right_alt

Art. 31 DMA - Periodic penalty payments arrow_right_alt

Art. 32 DMA - Limitation periods for the imposition of penalties arrow_right_alt

  1. The powers conferred on the Commission by Articles 30 and 31 shall be subject to a 5 year limitation period.
  2. Time shall begin to run on the day on which the infringement is committed. However, in the case of continuing or repeated infringements, time shall begin to run on the day on which the infringement ceases.
  3. Any action taken by the Commission for the purpose of a market investigation or proceedings in respect of an infringement shall interrupt the limitation period for the imposition of fines or periodic penalty payments. The limitation period shall be interrupted with effect from the date on which the action is notified to at least one undertaking or association of undertakings which has participated in the infringement. Actions which interrupt the running of the period shall include in particular the following:
    1. requests for information by the Commission;
    2. written authorisations to conduct inspections issued to its officials by the Commission;
    3. the opening of a proceeding by the Commission pursuant to Article 20.
  4. Each interruption shall start time running afresh. However, the limitation period shall expire at the latest on the day on which a period equal to twice the limitation period has elapsed without the Commission having imposed a fine or a periodic penalty payment. That period shall be extended by the time during which limitation is suspended pursuant to paragraph 5.
  5. The limitation period for the imposition of fines or periodic penalty payments shall be suspended for as long as the decision of the Commission is the subject of proceedings pending before the Court of Justice.

Art. 33 DMA - Limitation periods for the enforcement of penalties arrow_right_alt

Art. 34 DMA - Right to be heard and access to the file arrow_right_alt

Art. 35 DMA - Annual reporting arrow_right_alt

Art. 36 DMA - Professional secrecy arrow_right_alt

Art. 37 DMA - Cooperation with national authorities arrow_right_alt

Art. 38 DMA - Cooperation and coordination with national competent authorities enforcing competition rules arrow_right_alt

Art. 39 DMA - Cooperation with national courts arrow_right_alt

Art. 40 DMA - The high-level group arrow_right_alt

Art. 41 DMA - Request for a market investigation arrow_right_alt

Art. 42 DMA - Representative actions arrow_right_alt

Art. 43 DMA - Reporting of breaches and protection of reporting persons arrow_right_alt