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Chapter IV – Implementation, cooperation, penalties and enforcement (Art. 49-88)

Art. 49 DSA - Competent authorities and Digital Services Coordinators arrow_right_alt

Art. 50 DSA - Requirements for Digital Services Coordinators arrow_right_alt

Art. 51 DSA - Powers of Digital Services Coordinators arrow_right_alt

Art. 52 DSA - Penalties arrow_right_alt

Art. 53 DSA - Right to lodge a complaint arrow_right_alt

Art. 54 DSA - Compensation arrow_right_alt

Art. 55 DSA - Activity reports arrow_right_alt

Art. 56 DSA - Competences arrow_right_alt

Art. 57 DSA - Mutual assistance arrow_right_alt

Art. 58 DSA - Cross-border cooperation among Digital Services Coordinators arrow_right_alt

Art. 59 DSA - Referral to the Commission arrow_right_alt

Art. 60 DSA - Joint investigations arrow_right_alt

Art. 61 DSA - European Board for Digital Services arrow_right_alt

Art. 62 DSA - Structure of the Board arrow_right_alt

Art. 63 DSA - Tasks of the Board arrow_right_alt

  1. Where necessary to meet the objectives set out in Article 61(2), the Board shall in particular:
    1. support the coordination of joint investigations;
    2. support the competent authorities in the analysis of reports and results of audits of very large online platforms or of very large online search engines to be transmitted pursuant to this Regulation;
    3. issue opinions, recommendations or advice to Digital Services Coordinators in accordance with this Regulation, taking into account, in particular, the freedom to provide services of the providers of intermediary service;
    4. advise the Commission on the measures referred to in Article 66 and, adopt opinions concerning very large online platforms or very large online search engines in accordance with this Regulation;
    5. support and promote the development and implementation of European standards, guidelines, reports, templates and code of conducts in cooperation with relevant stakeholders as provided for in this Regulation, including by issuing opinions or recommendations on matters related to Article 44, as well as the identification of emerging issues, with regard to matters covered by this Regulation.
  2. Digital Services Coordinators and, where applicable, other competent authorities that do not follow the opinions, requests or recommendations addressed to them adopted by the Board shall provide the reasons for this choice, including an explanation on the investigations, actions and the measures that they have implemented, when reporting pursuant to this Regulation or when adopting their relevant decisions, as appropriate.
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Recital 132

The Board should contribute to achieving a common Union perspective on the consistent application of this Regulation and to the cooperation among competent authorities, including by advising the Commission and the Digital Services Coordinators about appropriate investigation and enforcement measures, in particular vis à vis the providers of very large online platforms or of very large online search engines and having regard, in particular, to the freedom of the providers of intermediary services to provide services across the Union. The Board should also contribute to the drafting of relevant templates and codes of conduct and to the analysis of emerging general trends in the development of digital services in the Union, including by issuing opinions or recommendations on matters related to standards.

Recital 133

For that purpose, the Board should be able to adopt opinions, requests and recommendations addressed to Digital Services Coordinators or other competent national authorities. While not legally binding, the decision to deviate therefrom should be properly explained and could be taken into account by the Commission in assessing the compliance of the Member State concerned with this Regulation.

Art. 64 DSA - Development of expertise and capabilities arrow_right_alt

Art. 65 DSA - Enforcement of obligations of providers of very large online platforms and of very large online search engines arrow_right_alt

Art. 66 DSA - Initiation of proceedings by the Commission and cooperation in investigation arrow_right_alt

Art. 67 DSA - Requests for information arrow_right_alt

Art. 68 DSA - Power to take interviews and statements arrow_right_alt

Art. 69 DSA - Power to conduct inspections arrow_right_alt

Art. 70 DSA - Interim measures arrow_right_alt

Art. 71 DSA - Commitments arrow_right_alt

Art. 72 DSA - Monitoring actions arrow_right_alt

Art. 73 DSA - Non-compliance arrow_right_alt

Art. 74 DSA - Fines arrow_right_alt

Art. 75 DSA - Enhanced supervision of remedies to address infringements of obligations laid down in Section 5 of Chapter III arrow_right_alt

Art. 76 DSA - Periodic penalty payments arrow_right_alt

Art. 77 DSA - Limitation period for the imposition of penalties arrow_right_alt

Art. 78 DSA - Limitation period for the enforcement of penalties arrow_right_alt

Art. 79 DSA - Right to be heard and access to the file arrow_right_alt

Art. 80 DSA - Publication of decisions arrow_right_alt

Art. 81 DSA - Review by the Court of Justice of the European Union arrow_right_alt

Art. 82 DSA - Requests for access restrictions and cooperation with national courts arrow_right_alt

Art. 83 DSA - Implementing acts relating to Commission intervention arrow_right_alt

Art. 84 DSA - Professional secrecy arrow_right_alt

Art. 85 DSA - Information sharing system arrow_right_alt

Art. 86 DSA - Representation arrow_right_alt

Art. 87 DSA - Exercise of the delegation arrow_right_alt

Art. 88 DSA - Committee procedure arrow_right_alt